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The first limited edition print run of the Lilith & The Machine Oracle is close to sold out! Get in fast!

Limited first print run! Hand-numbered boxes! Last 5!

Perfectly Prim Protection Poppets

Unique hand-made poppets made-to-order

Each one contains a black-salt heart and hand-designed protection sigil

Ready to be awakened for your personal protection!

Perfectly Prim Protection Poppet - Baphomet
Perfectly Prim Protection Poppets - angel and demon dolls
Perfectly Prim Protection Poppets - cat and bat

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Unique tarot decks, art and ritual products for the Unique Witch. 

UK and EU buyers please visit my ETSY store for purchases

For Afterpay, please email me via contact form and I'll arrange for an invoice as it's currently not available through this site checkout.

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