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Lilith & The Machine

Neuromancer / Digital witch / Heathen

Lilith (aka Anjella)

I have been taking photographs, practicing witchcraft, and reading tarot since I was a teenager. I combine many different forms of witchcraft into my practice - embracing the shadow as well as the light. 


I am a professional photographer with a Masters in Arts (Photography), now currently studying Visual Arts to enhance my skills at drawing and painting.

Lilith & The Machine combines my loves of photography, art, photoshop, technology, witchcraft, and tarot into one beautiful bundle. I work with The Machine to imagine and create images born of both flesh and silicon chips - a testament to our digital age.

The Tarot

Creating my own tarot has been something I have wanted to do since I was a teenager. I would gather my high school friends and photograph them in high-gothic tableaus; full of angst and darkness. But I could never create the world that I really wanted for my deck, and I've always found most photographic decks lacking. While working on my PhD a few years ago, AI began and became part of my research. I was fascinated by it's potential and both the questions and answers its use raises.

This new world of AI gave me the means to create that world that is part reality - part fiction. So many possibilities now, and it's only getting more so. And while discussions around Ai are full of controversy right now, believe me, this practice is nowhere near as easy as the click-bait headlines would have you believe. These are just as much me as my photography is. I hope you enjoy them too!

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